Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sony PlayStation takes the mass route

Posted by mark leo on 9:57 PM

Sony PlayStation has 80 % share in the Indian game comfort market. Sounds good, but Sony isn’t celebrating – yet. That’s because the market is still small and in India has 2 % video game access, comprising only the upper layer of the SEC audience and sharp contrast to the 60-70 % penetration in markets like the United Kingdom.

So Sony PlayStation now wants to go collection with a vengeance with localized content that appeal to the broader audience and now they have make a plan and now its teamed up with Ra.One, Shahrukh Khan’s much anticipated sci-fi movie slated to release this September.

Bose says Sony is also exploring similar opportunities to make bigger the market. The Indian game comfort market is estimated at Rs 500 crore, growing at a CAGR of 35 %. Sony PlayStation sells roughly around 350,000 units in India every year


Sony PlayStation is such a fantastic game console for playing different types of video games. The sound and features of this game is fantastic. In India Sony sale only 350,000 PlayStation in every year which is not enough for him.
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